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Where the gods all hang their washing out to dry...
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Thanks for the Memes, 1998
Oz Music Show, triplej 1998
Waltz, EP 1999
The Hole in Your Roof, single 2000
Sunset Studies, album 2000
Here Comes the Night, single 2000
The Plastic Room live session, triplej 2002
The Vineyard, single 2002
Strange Bird, album 2002
Little Wonder, single 2003
PBS Studios live session, 2003
Drones and Vapid Ditties, DVD 2004
Closed Off, Cold and Bitter; Life as a Can of Beer, EP 2005
Moo, You Bloody Choir, album 2006
One Crowded Hour, single 2006
Christmas Show, 2006
Live with WASO, triplej live at the wireless 2007
Blue Moo, album 2007
Live at the playroom, channell V 2007
LA Sessions 2007
Pennywhistle 2008
Watch Me Disappear 2008

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