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Salutations, eminent individual, from misdirection. If you have arrived at our little slice of the internet then it is likely you have heard of this musical quintet before and we hope you enjoy everything that is presented. If you have not heard of them, chances are you were looking for the book Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow. If this is the case then may we encourage you to explore this website. This bandís imaginative and pleonastic lyrical prowess compliments the poetic prose from the book. We encourage you to take the time to get to know them, as we donít think you will be disappointed. You can read about them in their own eloquent language, at the Augie March Official Site.

This webpage was created by a small flock of dedicated fans to celebrate and share all that is Augie March. This resplendant band has available to purchase three albumís, two EPís and a DVD in a pear tree. For a complete discography visit Sam's hummingbird. Our website offers a less complete list, but with a back catalogue of unreleased tracks, songs no longer available to purchase, and quality live recordings available to download. This website is about sharing all that is Augie and is for personal use only.

We're seriously out of date, but you're welcome to enjoy this 2009 time capsule. We might get up and running again some time soon. Visit this page for the downloadables.

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