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Live with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Kings Park, Perth, 25th February 2007
Broadcast on triplej Live at the Wireless 25th April 2007
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1. Interview with George Ellis and Glenn Richards, 22nd February
2. Lady Time On Blue Moo
3. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers On Blue Moo
4. Mother Greer original from Moo
5. Heartbeat and Sails original from Sunset Studies
6. The Drowning Dream original from Strange Bird
7. There is No Such Place original from Sunset Studies
8. The Cold Acre original from Moo
9. The Honey Month On Blue Moo
10. One Crowded Hour On Blue Moo
11. Men Who Follow Spring the Planet 'Round On Blue Moo
12. Little Wonder original from Strange Bird
13. Bottle Baby original from Moo
14. O Song On Blue Moo
15. Just Passing Through original from Moo
16. Song in the Key of Chance original from Strange Bird
17. Stranger Strange original from Moo
18. Brundisium original from Strange Bird

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