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Compilations and other projects
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Tracks from "normal" Augie releases haven't been included here, ie, things like The Vineyard being on Acoustic vol 1. Though it's probably worth mentioning that you can buy the One Crowded Hour film clip on the triplej Hottest 100 2006 DVD.

Juggernaut Boy (demo); Track 8 on "Push Predictions", 1996
Written and preformed by Augie March
Darling Little Ones (demo); Track 10 on "History of rooArt Records" 1997
Written and performed by Augie March
December (Ill at Ease); Track 2 on "An Empty Flight", 1998
Written and performed by Paul Dempsey (Scared of Horses)
vocals by Glenn Richards
Minister for Planets; Track 5 on "Corroboration", 2001
Written by Glenn Richards
Performed by GAR, Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter
Beds are Burning
Track 14 on "The Power and the Passion": songs of Midnight Oil, 2001
Performed by Augie March

These CDs are still widely available in record stores and on iTunes:
Droving Woman
Track 15 on "Cannot Buy My Soul": the songs of Kev Carmody, 2006
Performed by Augie March, Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins. play it
Track 17 on "Standing on the Outside": the songs of Cold Chisel, 2006
Performed by Augie March. play it
The House Jack Kerouac Built
Track 10, "Write Your Own Adventures Down":
A Tribute to The Go-Betweens, 2007
Performed by Glenn Richards
Fall at Your Feet; Track 12 on "The Black Balloon Soundtrack", 2008
Written by Neil Finn, performed by Glenn Richards. play it

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