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Interviews and Articles
Concert review, May 1999
Concert review, July 1999
Concert review, September 1999
Rolling Stone article, October 1999
Concert review, December 1999
Future Seal, October 2000 (offsite link)
Augie March play The Forum, late 2000 (offsite link)
Concert review, December 2000
Concert review, December 2000
Augie program rage: 23 December 2000 (offsite link)
Concert review, 17th March 2001
Concert review, 23rd March 2001
Article, 2001
Article, 2001
Concert review, June 2001
Concert review, June 2001
Concert review, June 2001
Concert review, July 2001
Concert review, 22-23rd June 2001
Concert review, 25th August 2001
Concert review, 18-19th October 2001
Tour diary snippet by Glenn, 23rd August 2002
Article, September 2002
Concert review, 19th September 2002
Interview with Adam, 18th September 2002
Tour diary snippet by Adam, 19th Septmber 2002
Article, November 2002
Concert review, 22nd November 2002
Suicide Girls interview 19 March 2003 (offsite link)
Second World Studios article, 2003
Strange bird review, November 2004 (offsite link)
Interview with Glenn on triplej, June 2005 (MP3)
Interview with Dave on triplej, January 2006 (MP3)
Glenn and Dave program Friday mornings on triplej, February 2006 (MP3)
Radio interview with Glenn and Edmond, March 2006 (MP3)
Glenn on FBi radio, May 2006 (MP3s): Part 1, Part 2
AMP Winners, JB Hifi March 2007 (offsite link)
Augie March- Stuck Inside with a Mobile Phone with the Dakota Blues Again; Your Gigs Tuesday, 20 May 2007 1.07pm (offsite link)
Impose Magazine feature Thu Nov 29, 2007 (offsite link)
Song Pairings; Indie Music Blog 30th November 2007 (offsite link)
Dave and Kiernan on triplej Sunday Afternoons, December 2007 (MP3)
Interview with Kiernan, December 2007 (MP3)
Big Day Out Interview December 2007 (offsite link)
Augie March Taking America by Storm; Herald Sun 20th December 2007 (offsite link)
Augie March, Devastations, Laura Imbruglia @ The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne; fasterlouder, 20 December 2007 (offsite link)
Rocking in to a Prime Spot; Townsville Bulletin, 2nd January 2008 (offsite link)
Tour diary and news by Glenn (offsite link)
MySpace blog by Adam and Dave (offsite link)
Various stories from The Dwarf (offsite link)
Various stories from Wireless Bollinger (offsite link)
Various stories on fasterlouder (offsite link)

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