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Addle Brains
Written by Glenn Richards

Paino tab
Ukelele tab

guitar tab/chords
Tabbed by Tim Weekes

I believe it is in 4/4 - I am not THAT musically minded... but I am willing to make this statement!


D, G, A

E -10--14--9--12--7--5--7-10-9---------------------
B -------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------

I suppose this can be played anywhere else on the guitar as long as it is the same notes…

Now... the actual song... pretty simple - my tab has a mammoth 3 chords in it... yah!  Enjoy... I suspect that it could be wrong in parts...

- - - - - - - - - 

A Tuesday night in Winter, 
holed up in the city of ravens, 
The owls in the hills hoo-hooing and eyeing off the 
field mice down in the cold grey centre, 
D		     G			 A
Addle Brains lining up with the dead for the soup spoon, 
D		     G			A
Addle Brains and the legions of the passed for the bread bag, 
Ladle the soup, pass the rolls, 
A				          D      G  A
Addle Brains and the many not here and loose souls. 
	          D					       A
One might fly off to the blank heavens and the lead high halls, 
           D						A
O the hungry sky aches for blokes without folks and bulges with the bearers of palls. 
D			    G		     A
Addle Brains would drink for four days and no eats, 
		D				A
and sleep in the glens of botanical parks, and on the humped bus shelter seats, 
  D  G  A
Where it's cold, 
	  D  G   A
where it's cold. 

D					        A
One morning I woke up in a room in the nation's heart, 
		  	D				      A
and couldn't think for the life of me what I was doing, or where to start, 
		          D		   G 	        A
or what rehearsal was required, I was so sad and tired. 

What does a bird want with money? 
Was he made this way? 
Do you have to earn the right to find all of this funny? 
Nothing's funny today. 

D			G		         A
Addle Brains mixes his powders with his fateful blues, 
D			         G			    A                       D
and the wide-eyed bubs of the Parliament couldn't give a hoot, or even two. 

D				     A
All it takes, it takes, is a kind look and a word, a word, 
       D				A
Some pretty eyes and skin, from your fine family you were given to win, 
     D		G	            A
and spill it over into the basin of common sin, 
           D			G		A
just a drop, a drop of the stuff that makes us kin 
				      D	    G	A
Addle Brains perching way out on a limb.

- - - - - - - - - - 
Have fun,

tim w.