Nagambie River Wine Song
Written by Glenn Richards

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guitar chords by JB

Tuning: EADABE

x32030   x21020   x24432              46650x
Dream   river,    drowns you in your sleep

x46654            355433             x05430       xx0232
Today Iíve kept a promise, sometimes murderous to keep

200020             320030    x05430     xx0232
Cloaked in all her majesty, riding out again

xx0430                                  xx0232        xx0430
I can hear thereís something with thee, rising on the plain

Dream again, oh how she takes on youth
This night has sprout some wings for which you might have some use
Cloaked and nigh invisible, this guy is not your friend
I can feel thereís something in the valley of the plain

Dream river, drowns you in your sleep
Waiting at the station for the promises to keep
Why are you so bitter, when you drink the wine
I can see the reason, you were dying on the vine
So cloak me in your majesty and let me feel your pain
And you in turn please (?strum the note?), never really there