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The Offer
Written by Glenn Richards
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4/4 Time ||: B(sus2) / / / :|| x4

B              Em6                     D6          Em6                   B
This is a song, not like the other ones, secret and selfish and somewhat hollow

B                         Em6                                D(ma7)         Em6          | B | B |
In the middle of this song, there seemed to grow another, of indeterminate length and origin

   D6                        Gm                Cm
To populate a people’s song, first you must do something wrong

          Cadd9                               B
If you’ve never been infirm you can never be strong

           B           Em                F#7                 B 
Prune your rose bushes Glenn, or you’ll never see your home again

B               Em6                                 D6                  Em6 
Country and city, kingdom of the well, of the unwell, you dwell in them both like a ghost

     B                                        Em6                      
When old King George said to my long dead kin, ten summers and winters in Arthur will do you in

D(ma7)           Em6                               | B | B |
He cut out his heart and he buried the sin there in England

           B           Em               F#7          B               B          E             F#
Prune your rose bushes Glenn oh they’ll soon grow up again there may still be a next year who knows

          B             Em              F#7              B
If you’re lonely take a drink there are better things to think

          B           E           F#7              B
Think on ancient city sunsets and girls in spring, yeah-eah-eah

||: B /