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Men Who Follow Spring the Planet 'Round
Written by Glenn Richards
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Capo on 3rd fret, 3/4 Time, Transposed from C to D

Intro: | D | Dsus2 / D | Dsus4 / D | Dsus2 / D | D / / | Dsus2 / D | Dsus4 / D | D…
Suspended chords henceforth denoted with “s”

     Ds2 D     Ds4  D       Ds2 D             Ds2       Ds4  D   D
"Well met, well met” said an old true love, “well met, well met” said he

        D                  Gs2        Em       D        A         D
“I have just returned from the salty, salt sea, and all for the love of thee.”